If I could erase all the bad memories, I will.

I was willing to do anything for you. I was doing anything for you. I gave you all my time and attention. I gave you my trust and respect. I showed you how much you meant to me. I’m not going to ask why.. because I’m so fed up of asking questions. I thought I wouldn’t.. never again be on tumblr talking about relationship problems again. But here I am again, I know I’ll be okay. I know I can move on and I will.. I will because I love myself and I’m only protecting myself. It’s so hard when your mind and your heart don’t understand each other. I know I did the right thing, that’s my mind telling me what to do.. I think it’s just normal to adjust and hurt from moving on and having a new chapter in your life. Please God bless me.. I pray for strength and a forgiving heart. 

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